Kuwait Kannada Koota Silver Jubilee Fund

In 2006, Kuwait Kannada Koota under the stewardship of Dr.Vivek Wani as President, decided to create a ''Silver Jubilee Fund". The purpose of the fund was to create a corpus for donation to a deserving institution in Karnataka in 2009, the Silver Jubilee year of Kuwait Kannada Koota. The Executive Committee of 2006 and the subsequent committees till 2009 have generously contributed to the funds. More importantly, the Koota members have also contributed to the fund on special occasions like birthdays in their family, wedding anniversaries or other important occasions. In the meanwhile, the process of identifying a deserving organization was on. With the help of Captain Ganesh Karnik, Deputy Chairman NRI Forum Government of Karnataka, the Koota was able to select Aruna Chetana, a school for specially challenged children in Bengaluru, as an institution deserving the Koota Silver Jubilee Fund. During the Rajyotsava Day Celebrations on 12 November 2010, a cheque of Rs.10,39,791/- was handed over by the past Presidents of Kuwait Kannada Koota to Captain Ganesh Karnik (who collected it on behalf of Aruna Chetana) . The donation was made to aid the construction of a second floor in the existing premises that would accommodate a further sixty specially challenged children on the wait list.

Members and other visitors of the Kuwait Kannada Koota website are requested to click on the Aruna Chetana web link for further details on their activities.