Farewell to year 1989

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Farewell to year 1989

The year 1989 was a different one as the Indian Embassy in Kuwait celebrated “India Day”. KKK, as the forefront organization representing Karnataka in Kuwait was invited to highlight the culture and richness of Karnataka. Other organisations were also invited to represent their respective states.

KKK proved its mettle in organizing various cultural programs and delicious food of Karnataka.

A Parade was carried out for each of the different states of India and Karnataka was proudly represented by KKK and its members. Members of the Koota actively participated in large numbers. Drama titled “Andu Indu Mundu” directed by Mrs. Tara Prasad was well received by the audience.

Food stalls were opened during this function and around 650 “Mysorepaks” were prepared and sold along with the Mangalorean speciality “Kori Rotti”. Both these dishes proved to favourite of the crowd that had both Indians and Arab guests. This made it even more special.