Kannada Rajyothsava – 28th October 1994

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Kannada Rajyothsava – 28th October 1994

We decided to celebrate our Kannada Rajyotsava on 28th October 1994 at the Indian Embassy Auditorium. A number of programs were lined up for the day beginning with the Invocation song, Welcome address by the President, Speech by the Chief Guest, Birdie dance, Kolata, Devotional songs, Rap dance etc. The highlight of the evening was the Yakshagana representing the rich cultural heritage of Karnataka which was very well received and appreciated by the audience. The day’s events concluded with a sumptuous dinner.

Previously before Kuwait invasion we were celebrating Kannada Rajyotsava by collecting additional funds from our members itself.

But our committee decided to raise funds for the expenses and for the first time in KKK we brought out a Souvenir and sold Raffle tickets and successfully celebrated Rajyotsava without asking money from our members.