NaukaVihaar – Failaka

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NaukaVihaar – Failaka

NaukaVihaar – Failaka Trip was planned on 16th December 2005. Venue for reporting: KPTC Ferry point at Ras Salmiya. It was a totally new and unforgettable experience to everyone who attended NaukaVihaar. What was so remarkable was the kind of absolute cooperation extended by KKK members. However, Weather’s “WILL” was not supportive.

Quote from one of our member:

KKK EC can proudly put another Feather in its Cap for organizing yet another thrilling event this time on Sea. We must be thankful to KKK for giving us opportunities to realize that,

• KKK members can gather at given spot with kids and kits in the early hours

• That sea is not blue and smooth as it looks from our Balconies or beaches

• That every one of us has a different chemistry and react differently to twists and toss

• That our own Kuwait may look like Failaka if nice human beings like us are not dwelling inside

• That small pond and living ducks can be seen in a dead village like Failaka

• That good food follows us wherever we go