Annual General Meeting (AGM Xmas and New Year celebration)

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Annual General Meeting (AGM Xmas and New Year celebration)

Kuwait Kannada Koota stands for Indian constitution ethos and values “ Unity in Diversity”. Koota activities are not limited to any community religion etc. Any Kannnadiga residing in Kuwait is welcome to be a member. All members collectively participate in any festival and celebrations of any community and religion.

Event started with President’s address. President shared his experience of leading Kannada koota with members.

This was followed by General Secretary sharing his experience as a part of Executive committee to inspire other new members to come forward and shoulder the responsibility of leading Kannada koots to keep up its 30 year old tradition. Explained all events conducted through out the year. Glimpses of each programs were displayed for members to relish beautiful events of which many were a part.

Treasurer displayed statement of Accounts for the year 2011 and explaining debit and credit accounts for each events in front of all general public and presented total balance sheet for the year 2011.

Momentoes were distributed to conveners, members of all sub committees and volunteers as a token of appreciation for the time and resources every member put in to make every program a success.

Kuwait based Dellusion dance group was invited to perform and entertain members of Koota.

This was followed by Xmass and New year celebration. Santa claus with sweets evetrtaining kids and elders alike was a treat to eyes. This celebration was the highlight of the event.

Later general elections were conducted by Executive committee of 2010.

New Executive committee for the year 2012 was elected by Koota members in a democratic way.

Event concluded with a sumptuous Dinner.