Outdoor Sports Picnic

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Outdoor Sports Picnic

The event was organized at Sharq Garden with an objective of bringing all Koota members together in an open atmosphere which helped in forming a strong bonding within the Koota family.

Day started with release of colourful balloons aimed to fly high in sky. This was followed by a laughter club where kids and elders alike laughed to the heart’s content. Funny masked “bombe” donned by koota members added charm to the event.

The mascot of the sports Day “Mr. Kappanna “ was launched for the first time in the history of Kannada kootaa. Members were given an opportunity to suggest a suitable name for the mascot and the selected name was given a special prize on this day.

Various games were planned and organized for kids of all age groups. Baseball for men and Kho kho game for children were highlights of the day.

Daylong Event ended with prize distribution ceremony.