Marala Mallige Day – Prchandara Parishe

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Marala Mallige Day – Prchandara Parishe

”Prachandara Parishe”, as the name suggests, was indeed gearing up to be an exhibition of talents. A unique opportunity to share the art and craft skills of members and children was

arranged through an exhibition/competition, aptly Called “Kalaa Mogasaale “. The members themselves voted for the best exhibit in various categories and the exhibit with highest votes was selected the winner. Various competitions based on Glorious Kannada language were children of various age groups and adults. For the first time, House based skit competitions with a mix of children and adults was organised. The skit competition was enjoyed and well appreciated by participants and members alike.

Marala Mallige editions in hard copies were a part of every program during the year. Marala Mallige was truly transformed into an in-house magazine by introduction of interviews with successful personalities from Karnataka who excelled in different spheres of life, Interviews with Koota members who have done exceeding well in Kuwait, be it Dance, cultutal activities, science or sports. A series of articles called ‘Na kanda KuKaKoo’ brought back found memories of yester years as seen though the eyes of some of our senior and founding members. A novel written by one of our own members was pubslihed in parts over four issues of Marala Malige during the course of the year.